kathrin pechlof trio
experimental chamber jazz

kathrin pechlof trio
kathrin pechlof trio © ulla c. binder

When Kathrin Pechlof, Christian Weidner and Robert Landfermann make music together as a trio, they become a collective unit, a "meta-instrument" with a uniquely homogeneous, playing culture. With blind trust and a way of playing characterized by deep understanding, composition and improvisation become blurred, traditional role models are dissolved, each player as soloist and accompanist at the same time, giving impulses and preparing the way. The instrumentation in its chamber music transparency is a perfect environment for the fragile sound of the harp and invites the listeners to walk a common path during the concert, which is not predefined.


  • kathrin pechlof - Harp
  • christian weidner - alto saxophone
  • robert landfermann - doube bass