aficionado - alaa zouiten & naoufal montassere
flamenco moro
aficionado - alaa zouiten & naoufal montassere
aficionado © Iveta Rysava

Moroccan-Berlin oud player Alaa Zouiten's new duo with Moroccan guitarist Naoufal Montassere is a ubiquitous celebration of three great musical traditions: Flamenco, Arabic-Andalusian music and jazz. The duo bids for a transcultural acoustic environment in which the codes of the three styles blend naturally and straightforwardly. The pieces are penned by Alaa and build bridges between diverse musical traditions: a fandango paves the way for an ancient chant from the Andalusian Nuba, while a tango sounds as rhythmically North African as it does harmonically jazzy, and an Arab samai becomes a solea flamenca. A musical experience that breaks down boundaries and celebrates the beauty of music!


  • Alaa Zouiten - oud
  • Naoufal Montassere - guitar